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Vacuum Cleaners & Filter Bags

Our large variety of vacuums will assure that we have a model to suit every facility and cleaning style. Our machines are available in easy-to-carry backpack units, HEPA filter uprights and canisters, wide area vacuums for larger areas, and wet-dry models to allow for messy clean-ups. Each style of vacuum is appropriate for particular applications. If you are unsure which vacuum is most appropriate for your needs, please feel free to contact us for advice. We also carry a wide selection of vacuum filter bags to fit all of the vacuums we sell and then some!

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Backpack Vacuums
Canister Vacuums
Commercial Vacuum Filter Bags
Upright Vacuums
Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners
Product Suggestions
Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum
Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum
Large Area Commercial Vacuum Cleaner (3030)
Large Area Commercial Vacuum Cleaner (3030)
Large Capacity Wet & Dry Vacuum (Shovelnose)
Large Capacity Wet & Dry Vacuum (Shovelnose)
Wide Area Carpet Vacuum (30")
Wide Area Carpet Vacuum (30")
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