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Hip Vac Sr.- Vacuum Cleaner

Part# 1250964

  • Hip Vac Portable Vacuum Cleaner
  • Lightweight, 6.5 lbs.
  • Included Attachment Kit
  • A Multi Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

Hip-Vac Portable Vacuum Cleaner is Euroclean's revolutionary portable vacuum cleaner and is designed for operator comfort and delivers super productivity. Its lightweight (only 6.4 lbs) and ergonomic design allows any user to vacuum quickly and efficiently. No dragging, no pushing, and no battling around obstacles means workers get the job done quicker. 

  • Heavy-duty velcro strap - This new feature is padded and equipped with a safety buckle.
  • Locking hose inlet - Hose doesn't come out unless you take it out! Swivels on each end.
  • Tool holder - Everything you need is within hand's reach.
  • Hospital-grade filtration standard - 99% efficient at .3 micron (also available with HEPA).
  • Exhaust air diffuser - Papers stay on desks, not the floor.