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Looped End Mops Wet Mops (Premium Grade)

  • Lopped End Mop (small)
  • Lopped End Mop (medium)
  • Lopped End Mop (large)
  • Fits this style handle (med & large only)
  • Fits this style handle (all sizes)

Premium grade looped end mops made with a blend of premium grade cotton, rayon, and polyester yarn make this mop a top performer with the ability to withstand multiple machine washings. These mops provide immediate absorption and durability you expect from a premium looped end mop.

  • 4 ply blend yarn
  • 5" wide headband
  • Fits all types of mop handles from clamp type to side gate handles
  • Available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes
  • Launderable to over 80 cycles