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Respiratory Protection

Workplace safety should include Respirators and Masks where the possibility of airborne particles, gasses, vapors, or allergens might exist. Respiratory Protection can be overlooked as part of a work safety plan, as hazards are often not visible or palpable. Nevertheless, long and short-term damage can be done to lungs, nose, and throat by a wide range of chemicals, particles, and gases.


With allergies on the rise, Safety Masks can be quick and easy additions to protective gear to prevent flare ups due to common allergens. 


Parish Supply’s range of Respirators and Masks are sure to fulfill your workplace safety requirements.

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Product Suggestions
Dust Mask (disposable)
Dust Mask (disposable)
Particulate Respirator (3M)
Particulate Respirator (3M)
Respirator Refills & Cartridge (3M 6000 series)
Respirator Refills & Cartridge (3M 6000 series)
Respirator, Half Face Cartridge Style
Respirator, Half Face Cartridge Style
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