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About Our Company

Parish Maintenance Supply provides a wide range of cleaning and janitorial products and equipment to both the industrial cleaning industry as well as the individual who wishes to achieve the same great results in their own home. The Company has been in business for over 100 years, has been selling cleaning and janitorial supplies for over 70 years, and has been a trusted online retailer for over 18 years.


The Company was first founded in 1911 and began making brooms and brushes. The Parish Broom Factory hand-sewed and stapled as well as refilled brooms and brushes for many years. The Company adapted to changes in the industry and weathered raw material shortages through two world wars. In 1947, the company was taken in a new direction and began selling cleaning and janitorial supplies. Parish Maintenance Supply was born.

Our Syracuse, NY Location

The warehouse is currently located on 114 Palmeter Street, Syracuse where customers may visit and are free to shop the items in stock. Unless sent directly from the manufacturer, products and equipment are dispatched to online, phone, and fax customers from this warehouse. Every piece of equipment sent to customers from the warehouse is unboxed and inspected to be sure that it is operating properly. This is very uncommon in any industry!