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V-Air PT Air Freshener Refills

  • Refill cartridge
  • Fits this dispenser

Completely free of solvents, propellants, and VOCs, the V-Air PT air freshener refill is not only safer for building occupants it is safer for the environment with 100% recyclable components. These pleasantly scented air freshener refills are great for commercial and residential applications. Freshen up any classroom, nursing home, office, cafeteria and restroom.

The V-Air PT air freshener refills are a direct replacement for the following manufacturers;

  • Technical Concepts (T-Cell)
  • Rubbermaid (T-Cell)
  • Kimcare / Scott Continuous Odor Control (12369, 12370, 12373, 91067, 91072)
  • Vectair V-Air
  • SSS Omni Air
  • Spartan ecore Air Care