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Compact Air Blower with Axial Fan (Storm)

  • Storm Air Mover
  • Moves Air at 3400 feet per minute
  • Efficient Design with Low Profile
  • Stackable
  • Multiple Drying Posistions

This innovative Storm Air Mover produces up to 3400 fpm (feet per minute) while drawing only 2.8 amps of power. When time is money, you get more drying productivity and profits with the new Storm air mover. Utilizing all-new "Driven Air" technology, this compact unit is changing the blower/dryer market.

  • The Storm Air Mover is dramatically lighter and smaller, offering high airflow volume with velocity of 3,400 feet per minute.
  • Compact and light "briefcase-style" profile and maximum running amps of only 2.8.
  • This unit creates the perfect Storm of drying performance, size, and affordability.