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How to Finish Floors with Microfiber


Preparation for Applying Floor Finish

  • Remove all furniture from room or corridor.
  • Sweep all debris from floor.
  • Place floor signs in all pedestrian walkways.
  • Scrub or strip old finish from floor.
  • Clean baseboards and corners of room.
  • Microfiber dust mop area to be finished.

Safety Sign1. Set up floor safety sign.

2. Assemble mop frame.

3. Place a clean, dry Finish Pad on floor with white backing side up.

4. Hold Quick Connect Frame over pad, then slide it down to attach pad with hook and loop system.

5. Fill bucket to desired level with floor finish of choice. Do not overfill.

6. Place microfiber flat mop into bucket. Only submerge pad into finish. Do not submerge aluminum frame or universal joint.

7. Allow excess finish to drip into bucket, then tamp mop on sieve.

8. Starting at the far corner of room or end of hall, outline first area to be finished.

Microfiber Floor Finishing Steps

9. Using "Figure 8" strokes, fill in outlined area with a light coat of finish. Finish should be no thicker than a piece of wax paper. Foam pad liner helps to hold enough finish to cover outlined area.

10. Working backward, be sure to begin next area before finish dries to prevent lines and ridges.

11. Repeat steps 5 through 10 as required to complete the job.

Microfiber Pad in a Bag

12. To empty bucket into a container, use twist valve on backside or pour contents using one of the front corners as a pouring spout.

13. After emptying, rinse bucket and valve with hot water to prevent finish from hardening on sides and drain.

14. OPTION: To store finish in bucket for reuse, use air tight lid to prevent drying/hardening.

15. & 16. Clean pad well with hot water and hang to air dry or store in sealed plastic bag to prevent hardening.


Finishing Tips

* Follow all established safety procedures.

* Wear all appropriate personal protective equipment (glasses, gloves, etc.).


Tools for Finishing Floors with Microfiber

Microfiber Floor Finish Applicator Pad, 5” x 17”

Easy Gloss Floor Finish Applicator

MicroFiber Flat Mop Cleaning Kit