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Concrete Floor Sealer (Aquathane)

Part# 0045625

  • Aquathane Concrete Sealer (2.5 gallon container)
  • 2 x 2.5 gal = 5 gallons

Aquathane HP is a water-based acrylic / urethane concrete sealer developed to efficiently seal and protect interior concrete floors without the unpleasant odor associated with solvent-type sealers. This one-step, ready-to-use formula is recommended for use in light to medium traffic areas.

  • The perfect companion for use on stained concrete floors
  • Long lasting - Protection and abrasion resistance
  • Labor saving - High solids requires fewer coats
  • Strippable (can be removed with floor strippers)
  • Versatile - Adheres to a variety or hard surface floors
  • Packed in 2.5 gallon containers