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Automatic Drip Deodorizer (Urinals & Toilets)

  • Refills sold separately
  • Optional stainless steel tube
  • Optional stainless steel tube & connection kit

The Quadrasan is a cleaning and dosing system that provides continuous and programmable maintenance ensuring toilet and urinal fixtures remain clean, sanitized, and odor free. Through its innovative, secure, and modern design, the highly effective Quadrasan is designed to work in a variety of locations without disrupting the surrounding environment.

  • Cleaning alone is not enough to rid public and commercial urinals & toilets from bacteria and odors.
  • Quadrasan Urinal Cleaning and Drip Deodorizing System can eradicate the most stubborn soil and odors.
  • Refills bottles are available in Citrus Tingle & Tropical Mint