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Backpack Vacuum Cleaner (Comfort Pro)

  • ComfortPro Backpack Vacuum (10 qt. model shown)
  • Hose, Wand, Floor Tool Included
  • Comfort Pro Harness
  • Paper filter bag (10 per pack)

The Comfort Pro 6 quart and 10 quart capacity Backpack Vacuum Cleaners are a great alternative to upright vacuums. It is a convenient option for tight spaces as well as large areas where an upright vacuum may lack access. Areas under tables and chairs can be easily reached with the double bend wand. The hose can be adjusted to the left or right side of the vacuum for total flexibility.

  • The electrical cord is protected from stress and damage by an integral cable restraint.
  • The Comfort Pro Backpack includes a reusable cloth bag with disposable paper filters and a HEPA exhaust filter.
  • CRI Certified (Gold)