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Backpack Vacuum Cleaner, HEPA Filter (6 qt &10 qt)

  • 10 Quart Backpack Vacuum Cleaner
  • Aircomfort harness
  • Included toolkit

This Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner packs plenty of power in a backpack vacuum cleaner. Ergonomically designed back support and 5 point adjustable harness, designed by Deuter, the world's leader in professional hiking equipment.

  • Four Stage Filtration System including a HEPA filter cartridge contributes to improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).
  • Superior 69.5 dB rating for whisper quiet operation.
  • The most comfortable BackPack Vacuum you'll ever wear!
  • The harness on this vacuum delivers unrivaled comfort, creating a layer of flowing air to reduce wearer perspiration by up to 25%.
  • Complete set of tools and adjustable double bend wand.
  • Available in either a 6 quart or 10 quart version.