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EB-30 Battery Powered Electric Broom

  • Electric Broom (EB-30)
  • Cordless Sweeping for Hard & Soft Floors
  • Easy to empty
  • Easy to Clean, Easy to Maintain
  • 7.2 volt battery (1420562)

The EB-30 cordless electric floor / carpet sweeper is a commercial duty, battery-operated electric broom designed for daily use in restaurants, hotels, offices, stores, theaters, and other commercial facilities. This carpet sweeper is ideal for use when using a vacuum cleaner isn't practical. More durable than typical consumer style electric brooms, the commercial duty EB-30 features a run time of up to 45 minutes and a large capacity hopper for collecting dirt.

  • When you need quick, quiet, and efficient sweeper, the EB-30 is the answer.
  • Ultra quiet, cord free operation
  • Easy to remove dustpan - provides convenient rear access with large capacity.