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Bid Screen

BidPro - Bidding & Estimating Program

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  • Use this screen to outline your services for each building in your proposal.
  • Each line item on the Bid Screen uses Bid Details to calculate the details.
  • Additionally, each line on the Bid Screen can use a different Bid Method.  For example, your first line could use the Square Feet bid method for "Janitorial Services" and the next line on the Bid screen could use the Cost Plus bid method for "Floor Care Services".
  • View your expense and income by selecting the frequency of the line item without affecting the details of the line item.
  • What-If scenarios can be created without affecting any other part of the bid.  When it comes time to print the proposal, choose whether to print the building and/or line items.
  • A spreadsheet view of these numbers can be viewed by clicking the "View Spreadsheet" button.
  • Link your previously created Word documents and Excel spreadsheets with this BidPro information.
Report Options
The Print Complete Bid form opens upon clicking the print button.