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BidPro - Bidding & Estimating Program


  • This screen crunches the numbers you ultimately use in your proposal.
  • Each line item on the Bid Screen uses Bid Details to calculate the details.
  • Additionally, each line on the Bid Screen can use a different Bid Method.  For example, your first line could use the Square Feet bid method for "Janitorial Services" and the next line on the Bid screen could use the Cost Plus bid method for "Floor Care Services".
  • Overhead, supplies, equipment and taxes are calculated using a percentage or by entering a fixed dollar amount.  In addition, clicking on the button with the yellow plus sign, will allow you to outline that expense.
  • Default amounts can be entered into the BidPro Preferences screen and can be pulled in instantaneously by clicking the Use Defaults button.
  • A spreadsheet view of these numbers can be viewed by clicking the "View Spreadsheet" button on the Bid Screen.

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