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High Speed Floor Burnishers will polish and enhance virtually any finished floor. To allow for every preference and building layout, these machines are available in propane, cord electric, and battery powered models. Our high speed burnishers range in speeds of 1500 - 2500 rpm and sizes from 20" - 27" with available dust control system.


What is a Burnisher, you ask?

Normally 20-inch in diameter, these machines generate friction which smoothes floor finishes (evening out the highs and lows of the floor finish). They are particularly suited to burnishing (spray buffing up to 1,000 RPM) and are capable of producing the "wet look" that is often desirable. The finish produced by burnishers is smoother and easily maintained with a regular buffing schedule. Burnishers have fixed rear wheels that remain in contact with the floor while in use. The normal mode of operation is in a straight line pass with overlapping of 10%.

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