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Marble & Concrete Floor Finishing Machine

Part# 1060948

  • 60 grit grinding blades (sold separately)

The Cimex Diamond Finisher is a heavy duty marble, granite, terrazzo, and concrete refinishing machine. The unique patented 3 head planetary drive on our Diamond Finishing machines allow for aggressive grinding and re-polishing of all types of stone and concrete flooring. The action that is attained by the planetary motion levels high spots, eliminates lippage and produces a flat surface that is ideal for refinishing back to a high polish using the same machine.

  • Even finish: Special design maintains even pressure, avoids cutting, & rotational scoring.
  • Less operator fatigue: Unique counter rotating system eliminates pulling action to reduce stress on operator.
  • Simple to use: Unskilled personnel, even without previous experience, can produce professional results.
  • Includes 1 set of (3) velcro pad holders.