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About Parish Supply

Our Company

Parish Maintenance Supply provides a wide range of cleaning and janitorial products and equipment to both the industrial cleaning industry as well as the individual who wishes to achieve the same great results in their own home. The Company has been in business for over 100 years, selling cleaning and janitorial supplies for over 65 years and has been a trusted online retailer since 1998.


The Company was first founded in 1911 and began making brooms and brushes. The Parish Broom Factory hand sowed and stapled as well as refilled brooms and brushes for many years. The Company adapted to changes in the industry and weathered raw material shortages through two world wars. In 1947, the company was taken in a new direction and began selling cleaning and janitorial supplies. Parish Maintenance Supply was born.


We are a wholly owned subsidiary of:

Triple S Holdings operating as "Triple S Upstate"

2 Executive Park Drive

Billerica, MA 01862

Unmatched Expertise

As Mike's knowledge is unmatched in the industry, this has greatly affected the selection of products we offer at Parish Maintenance Supply. Each product and piece of equipment is tested by Mike himself, and is often shared with customers for their opinions. This approach has led to Parish to not having huge selections in each category but a manageable select few. These hand-picked offerings make elaborate customer review systems unnecessary at Parish, as every product and piece of equipment has passed a rigorous assessment to even be offered for purchase.