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How To Maintain A Polished Concrete Floor


Daily Cleaning

Dust mop or sweep the flooring daily prior to cleaning.
Vacuum and clean floor mats protecting every entrance to the facility daily.

Clean the entire floor daily using Neutral Stone Cleaner at a dilution ratio of 1 oz. per gallon of warm water in a walk behind or ride on scrubber fitted with red scrubbing pads or a soft nylon brush. This dilution provides a non rinsing, non streaking, cleaner/conditioner for the floor. In small areas simply use a mop.


CleaningPolish the floor on a quarterly basis using the Twister Pad System. Best results are achieved by starting with a concrete floor surface that has been diamond polished to a position #4 or #5 finish. Heavy traffic areas may need to be polished more often.

The application process will require a propane powered concrete floor polisher fitted with a Twister Diamond Polishing Pad.

Select a section of the floor to be polished, and decide on the direction you will operate the machine. Begin by spraying a light mist of water on the floor surface in center of the forward path of the machine. Following these directions will allow you a constant and immediate polishing process. Once you have completed one pass on the floor section turn the machine around and repeat the cleaner application. Begin Polishing in the adjacent path. Overlap approximately 4” as if mowing a lawn.

Inspect each row as you polish to be sure the process has been completed. If you observe swirls or uneven polished areas, the area will need additional buffing.

Note: The life of any polished floor surface is directly related to frequency of quality maintenance it receives. This process is designed to extend and enhance the performance of polished concrete flooring.


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