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Deionized Water Tank for Window Washing (HP12C)

Part# 0203005

  • HydroPower DI System, Dual Tank with transport included
  • 700 gallon capacity tank
  • Remove used resin and replace with new bag of resin.
  • Simply twist lid off to access resin.
  • HydroPower DI System Components (Quad Tank System shown)
  • FloWater Distribution Plate
  • Fast Lock Tank Opening

The Unger HP12C De-Ionization Tank (DI Tank) is filled with resin that is positively and negatively charged. The Total Dissolved Solids within typical tap water have either a positive or negative charge. As the tap water passes through the DI Tank the dissolved particles attach themselves to the oppositely charged ions and stay within the DI Tank.

  • De-ionization tanks are often the first step in getting started with water treatment for a water fed pole.
  • Dual-stage tanks with fast change resin effectively treats over 700 gallons of water.
  • The treated water from the DI Tank is 99.9% pure.
  • Quick Change resin bags make changing your resin quick and easy!
  • Each individual tank within this system requires one bag of resin.