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Diamabrush Concrete Densifier, Lithium Based

Part# 1139000

  • Diamabrush Lithium Densifier, 5gl container
  • Densifier Instructions

Porous concrete tends to absorb stains and resist extensive polishing when not properly treated. Most sealers with only cover the surface without penetrating deep into pores to protect the concrete. This Lithium based densifier is the perfect way to harden deeper layers.

  • Hardens concrete increasing service life.
  • Surface becomes chemical resistant and repels stains.
  • Remains within the pores of the concrete rather than only on the surface like most sealers, so the entire floor remains glossy (after polishing) rather than just areas not affected by traffic.
  • Works well with the diamond polishing system because it is hard enough to withstand constant polishing.