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Toilet Bowl Cleaner (Easy Paks)

Part# 0755120

  • Easy Paks Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • 90 packets per tub

Easy Paks toilet bowl cleaner combines the advantages of pre-measured with water-solubility So there's no guesswork, waste, or messy clean-up. Easy Paks Bowl Cleaner contains no harsh acids or caustics and won't harm plumbing fixtures, porcelain, metal, wood, and painted surfaces.

  • Cleans and deodorizes without harming fixtures, septic tanks, or sewer lines
  • Leaves a pleasant lavender fragrance
  • A perfect solution combining both effectiveness and convenience
  • Pre-measured packets dissolve completely in water
  • The tub allows for easy and durable storage
  • Simple to use pre-measured packets
  • No measuring, no guessing, and no waste