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Roll Towel Dispenser, Battery Free (Eclipse)

  • Eclipse Paper Towel Dispenser
  • Eclipse Paper Towel Dispenser, shown with tan back
  • Eclipse Paper Towel Dispenser, white
  • Roll paper towels

The Eclipse Hands-Free, battery-free paper towel dispenser accommodates up to a 1,000-foot roll paper towel. With each pull of the slightly exposed towel, the Eclipse dispenses and cuts a pre-measured 11-inch towel for maximum usage control. This dispenser only requires you to touch your personal towel, thereby reducing the chance for cross-contamination from touching commonly used surfaces such as levers, buttons or cranks.

  • The translucent cover allows for easy view of paper supply
  • Has an emergency paper feed to help advance roll, if needed
  • Battery-free paper towel dispenser