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Elevate Antibacterial Foam Soap Refill (34116)

Part# 0329310

  • Elevate Antibacterial Foam Soap Refill (34116)
  • Elevate Touch-Free Soap Dispenser (sold separately)

Elevate TF Advance Antibacterial foam hand soap delivers high performance with a rich, luxurious lather. This lovely purple foam soap has a light plum fragrance that is sure to please all patrons. Enriched with skin moisturizers, conditioners, and a natural extract, skin is sure to feel soft and smooth use after use! The antibacterial power of this hand soap makes it the ideal choice for environments in which germs are plentiful.

  • Antibacterial foam soap with a lovely plum fragrance
  • Contains conditioners and moisturizers to leave hands feeling soft 
  • 2 refills per case