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Automatic Tear-N-Dry Towel Dispenser (Essence)

Part# SJMT8000TBK

  • Automatic Tear-N-Dry Paper Towel Dispenser
  • Dispenses this type of towel
  • Dispenses this type of towel

The Tear-N-Dry Roll Towel Dispenser is an electronic hands free dispenser that provides quick paper delivery; consistently dispensing 10” length towels without a wait. The Tear-N-Dry Essence is simple to use and requires no adjustments, making it easy to load, use, and refill with the universal (8" roll with 1.5" core) paper of your choice. Reliability and best battery life also make Essence the right choice to reduce maintenance and battery costs.

The Perfect Towel Dispenser for:

  • Tight spaces
  • Food service / Hospitality
  • Industrial applications
  • Schools / Universities