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Floor Finish Performance Parameters


Select the best floor finish for your application method & desired outcome.


E = Excellent 

G = Good

Y = Yes

X = Has Feature


Expected Performance Finish Brands 

Flex  Ultimate N-Dure X-Cel Plus Classic 180  Granite
Type of Finish
High Performance / 
Extended Wear 
High Solids / High Gloss  Hard Surface Seal / Finish  Acrylic Floor Finish / Low Maintenance  Acrylic Floor Finish / Low Maintenance  High Solids / High Gloss / Fast Drying
Adhesion to Stone Floors             X
High Initial Gloss   X    X  X  X  X
Black Mark Resistant   E      Y  Y  Y
Burnishing Response  E  E  G  G  G  G
Burnishing Pad  Natural Fiber, PT-3000  Natural Fiber, PT-3000  Natural Fiber, PT-3000  Natural Fiber, PT-3000    
Longevity  x   ​x   x       ​x
Low Speed Buffing Gloss      ​x   ​x   ​x    
Recoat Performance   ​x  X   ​x   ​x    
Scuff Resistance
  ​x   ​x   ​x      
High Speed Response    ​x   x        
Spray Buffing    ​x   ​x   x   ​x    
Slip Resistance  Passes ASTM 2047  Passes ASTM 2047 Passes ASTM 2047   Passes ASTM 2047    
Total Solids    21 23 20 21  18 20