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Floor Pads

Parish floor pads are constructed of high quality, high porosity fiber for durability. Floor pads available for cleaning, buffing, burnishing, scrubbing, and floor stripping. Our floor pads are of the highest quality material with consistent results throughout the life of the pad. All of our pads are saturation coated for constant performance for the life of the pad. The range of floor pads in our Premium category are of excellent quality, offering huge advantages in durability, productivity, and cleaning performance. Innovations in our floor pad designs have also led to a significant reduction in Hand-Arm Vibration, which greatly benefits the well being of the user. 
  • From pads that strip away floor finish without chemicals to pads for uneven floor types, and even double sided pads, Parish Supply floor pads are truly innovative.
  • In addition to the high level of performance, these floor pads are available at a great price, making them cost-effective.

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