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Floor Types and Characteristics


SLATE: Natural and stone that is quarried and cut to desired size

Factory Finish: None

Characteristics: Stains due to spills, oil, grease, etc.; soft, tends to scratch & dust from sand & grit; sensitive to acids & hard to clean grouting.



TERRAZZO: Mixture of portland cement and two parts marble chips that is ground & polished

Factory Finish: None

Characteristics: Stains easily (rust, grease, oil, spills); scratches from abrasives: sand & grit and sensitive to acids, organic & crystallizing salts





VINYL (Pure) or NO WAX: Mixture of vinyl chloride, plasticizer and pigment. Known as homogeneous vinyl

Factory Finish: Yes, Do Not Remove

Characteristics: Some have thin surface coat; sensitive to grit, sand, pads & cigarette burns; difficult to strip: assumes shape of sub-floor, indents at 150 lbs/sq. in.



VINYL (Composition): Vinyl chloride, plasticizer, inert filler and pigment

Factory Finish: May or may not - this is dependent upon manufacturer recommendations

Characteristics: Brittleness to abrasives, embossed designs are hard to strip; whitish cast when stripped, burnish to remove, indents at 25 lbs/sq. in.



WOOD: Natural wood usually birch, beech, maple or oak.

Factory Finish: Don't Remove, Light Sand to Recoat

Characteristics: Stains and is damaged by water, grease, abrasives, oil & high alkaline cleaners and requires special products and procedures.