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GOJO FMX Luxury Foam Soap (5161)

Part# 0325161

  • GOJO FMX Luxury Foam Soap Refill (5161-03)
  • FMX Soap Dispenser (sold separately)
  • 5161-03 Soap Refills
  • FMX Soap Dispenser (sold separately)

FMX Luxury Hand Soap Refills are designed for use in the GOJO FMX Foam Soap Dispenser. Foam rinses clean, all the way down the drain. The FMX hand soap system offers many benefits over liquid hand soap. Our rich foam soap encourages use and keeps facilities clean. 

  • No dripping dispensers
  • No liquid slipping through your hands
  • Lower cost in use
  • Low cost and reliable Soap Dispensers