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GOJO FMX Antibacterial Foam Soap (5162)

Part# GOJ516203CT

  • GOJO FMX Antimicrobial Foam Soap Refill (5162-03)
  • Packed 3 per case
  • FMX Soap Dispenser (sold separately)

Antibacterial soap refills for GOJO FMX Dispensers are ideal for use in environments requiring more germ-killing power, such as medical facilities, schools, daycare centers, and more. Most patrons prefer the soft, luxurious lather of a foam soap, rather than the dripping, dull feel of a liquid hand soap. This antibacterial formula is gentle enough for frequent use and will leave hands feeling smooth wash after wash.

  • 1250 ml cartridge refills
  • Packed 3 per case
  • Fits GOJO FMX hand soap dispensers