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Cleaning for Health & Safety


Annually, billions of dollars are dedicated to labor, products, and equipment to clean and maintain schools, hospitals, hotels, offices, and other facilities. Because of the profound impact that protecting our indoor environment has on our natural environment, economy, health, and productivity, a green cleaning program is well worth considering.


A well-designed, healthy building maintenance program does not have to be complex or expensive. Many offices and facilities are focusing on environmental stewardship to make a significant difference in the quality of the indoor environment while reducing risk to cleaning personnel and occupants.



  • Clean for health first and appearance second.
  • Minimize human exposure to contaminants and cleaning products.
  • Recognize cleaning as an environmental health benefit.
  • Commit to occupational development of cleaning personnel.
  • Communicate the value of healthy buildings.
  • Minimize chemical, particle, and moisture residue when cleaning.
  • Ensure worker and occupant safety.
  • Contain and reduce all pollutants entering the building.
  • Dispose of cleaning products in environmentally safe ways.
  • Establish and document routine maintenance schedules.