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The Green Position of Parish Maintenance Supply

"If the product does not carry Green Seal or EcoLogo Certification, who makes a determination that it's really Green? 

  • The person selling it?
  • The manufacturer?
  • Who?

We feel that Green Seal and EcoLogo are the Gold Standard as they relate to Green Products and everyone else is blowing smoke!" 

The "EPA's Greener Choice" certification program is replacing the the old DFE program making it easier for manufacturers to have their products certified as Green.


Green Seal / EcoLogo / EPA-DFE Certification Process


Green Seal CertificationGreen Seal & EcoLogo are highly respected as leaders in establishing environmental & sustainability standards. Certification ensures that a product’s entire life-cycle meets stringent scientific criteria. When a product is certified, consumers are assured of its sustainability and that manufacturers are leaders in the green marketplace.


When an application is made for Green Seal & EcoLogo certifications, they undergo strict evaluations based on stringent established guidelines. Environmental and performance requirements are taken into consideration and the manufacturing facility is inspected to evaluate quality control procedures. This approach ensures that both the current product and future production will adhere to the standard set.



 EcoLogo Certified

EcoLogo is North America's largest, most respected environmental standard and certification mark. EcoLogo provides customers with assurance that the products and services bearing the logo meet stringent standards of environmental leadership.


If the product meets the Green Seal and or EcoLogo standards, it will be awarded the seal. Once certified, products are subject to annual monitoring to ensure that the product offered for sale continues to meet the standard. Any deviation is immediately brought to the manufacturer's attention and corrective action must be instituted within an appropriate time. Non-compliance may result in termination of the manufacturer's privilege to carry the seal on its product. 



Parish's Position on Green Washing

Any legitimate organization that is TRULY committed to manufacturing, marketing, distributing, and selling "Green Products" must invest the financial resources to prove their product is "Green."


Here's a case in point: A major "Retail - Commercial" cleaning products manufacturer recently produced a "Green" product line and created an entire internet site devoted to the promotion of the products and how "Eco Friendly" their products were.


After the "Green Smoke" dissipates and you decide to research cleaning products you're presented with a whole host of products. Review the products and read the statements claiming.


 "The company is an active participant in the Consumer Specialty Product Association's (CSPA)

Product Care Program, and the XXX Pro Line Daily Cleaners meet or exceed the criteria of EPA's

EPP guidelines and GS-37 standards where applicable".


As you read the statement above, just ask yourself a question - without Green Seal & EcoLogo Certification who do you believe?