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Water Based Gym Floor Finish


Our water based gym floor finish is one of the most technologically advanced systems available for the coating and maintenance of gymnasiums and other wood-surface sports floors. It's a complete system, from floor sealer to floor cleaner, that's specially designed for today's high-use gyms and fast-paced athletics.

Our water based gym floor finishes makes oil-modified coatings a thing of the past. It provides increased durability, dries substantially faster, is safer to use, and gives the floor a much lighter, brighter look than typical oil-modified finishes. It also has a nonflammable, low odor formula which allows you to recoat anytime of year with reduced liability exposure.

Recoat Over A Weekend
With the uniquely designed T Bar applicator, you can apply one coat of finish to a 10,000 square foot gym (on a prepared surface) in 2-3 hours or less. Using a traditional wood block applicator, the same job would take up to 15 labor hours.

With our water based gym floor finish, drying time before the second coat is also a lot faster. Most urethane finishes require from four to six hours before they can be recoated. Our system takes only two! That means gym floors can be put back into play in a day or two.

Not Just A Summer Job
Wood FloorUntil now, recoating gym floors was limited to summer months. Slow application procedures, lengthy dry times, and excessive fumes made it almost impossible to recoat any other time.


Now you can recoat any time of year, whenever the gym floor needs it, or whenever it suits your schedule.

A Lighter, Brighter Look
Multi-Use Wood Floor Finish dries to a clear finish. It gives gym floors a much lighter, brighter look, and, unlike oil modified finishes, it won't darken or yellow as it gets older. Your gym floors will stay looking like new, longer.

Easy To Maintain
With Prime Time Wood Floor Cleaner, caring for gym floors is a breeze. It helps protect your newly coated floor and keeps it looking better between coatings.


System Components