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Parish Maintenace Supply History

Parish's Origin in Broom Making

The Parish Broom Factory was founded between 1906 and 1908 by Harmon A. Landgraff and the primary business, at this time, was the manufacture and distribution of "Street Brooms" (in case you didn't know, streets were swept by hand - not by machine). When Mr. Landgraff died in 1927, his son Anthony took over the business. It is believed that the effects of WWI, namely shortages of raw materials and rising fiber prices, lead Anthony to sell the business to Lynn H. Miller and Lewis DeGarmo in 1937. The new owners manufactured barn and street brooms, roof brushes, garage brooms, counter brushes and horse hair brooms which were hand sewn and stapled. The finished products were sold chiefly in Central New York but were later sold as far as Chicago, IL. Parish Broom Factory's first location was on Railroad Street in Parish, NY

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Former Parish Broom Factory today on
Railroad Street, Parish, NY;
Original Parish Brush Photographed at
Parish Town Historical Society


Parish Moves from Parish, NY to Syracuse, NY

In 1942 Miller & DeGarmo moved Parish Broom Factory from Parish, NY to 401 North State Street, Syracuse, NY. The company moved to 601 North State Street in 1957, then Hiawatha Blvd and Palmeter Street where it has remained since 2008.

Parish Maintenance History 

602 North State Street, Syracuse NY Location, Circa 1957



Parish Changes from Brooms to Janitorial Supplies

Parish Broom Factory continued to manufacture and refill brooms until they sold Parish Broom Factory to John F. Cowmeadow in 1945. Cowmeadow took the company in a new direction and began selling housekeeping and janitorial supplies and the company became Parish Maintenance Supply. Diversifying and changing with the times has kept Parish a leader in our field.


John R. Gosson joined the company in 1952 and later became a partner in 1957. In 1969 Cowmeadow and Gosson began a partnership with Clifford Hoover in Orlando, Florida and together they successfully managed many accounts including Walt Disney World. This partnership continued for about 12 years.






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Current location @ 114 Palmeter Street, Syracuse, NY