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Print Menu Report Options

JobCostPro - Employee Time Keeping

The Print Menu offers a comprehensive selection of reports to choose from.  For example, this Employee Distribution report shows the detail of each employee and the jobs they worked on for the selected period.  If you use either 24 or 26 periods per year, then entire period will be viewed, versus only 7 days that this weekly (52 period) report shows.


The Job Distribution report contains the same information, however this report shows the detail of each job and the employees that worked on that job for the selected period.

The Evaluations Due report is useful in help determining when to give performance reviews.  You can choose whether to evaluate employees from their hire date, last raise or any combination amongst your employees.


This 'Nightly Building Times by Supervisor' report lets you quickly review the jobs and employees assigned to a supervisor.

This report will help you quickly identify which employees are working within their allowed time.  It is not profitable if a building is consistently over on time.  Likewise, if not enough hours are being spent cleaning it, quality could be suffering.