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Battery Powered Floor & Carpet Sweeper (SWB-26)

Part# 1428002

Optimum Sweeping Method with Large Capacity - The SWB 26 uses overthrow sweeping technology to guarantee optimum utilization of waste container capacity. The main broom has chevron bristles and is height adjustable for professional sweeping results on all kinds of surfaces with a variety of debris. The side mounted brush is protected by a bump guard and is raised and lowered easily by the hand controls. A high efficiency filter and dust control system reduces dust for improved air quality.

  • The side brush increases the width of your edge cleaning path, reaching under the edge of hard floors and carpets, pulling light weight material such as paper into the dirt collector.
  • Top loading dirt collector can be filled up 75% of capacity, unlike front load machines.
  • Built-in, on-board battery charger.