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Lever Activated Roll Towel Dispenser (Impress)

  • Lever Activated Towel Dispenser (black)
  • Lever Activated Towel Dispenser (dark with tan back)
  • Lever Activated Towel Dispenser (white)
  • Roll paper towels

This lever roll towel dispenser is a large capacity universal dispenser designed for ease-of-use and minimal maintenance; proven to work efficiently and effectively in high-traffic areas. The Impress is the newest compact, high-capacity lever roll towel dispenser. It is 33% smaller than a standard lever roll towel cabinet but still accommodates a standard 800' roll paper towel.

  • Curved silhouette added aesthetic appeal
  • Incorporates new easy roll loading feature and automatic sheet feed feature
  • Features a heavy-duty key lock to prevent theft & waste
  • Sleek design, quiet operation, locking case (one key included)
  • Cover opens downward to prevent accidental closures when refilling the dispenser.