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How to Extend the Life of a Floor Pad


The useful life of a Floor Pad depends on:

  • The quality and design of the products being used
  • How the products are used
  • How well the tools are maintained

By following these helpful hints you can extend the useful life of your floor pads and avoid mishaps.



Floor pads come in a variety of colors and sizes and are made from materials that are designed to perform a specific task. The following tips about floor pad care can extend the life of a floor pad.


Installation and Use


Carefully install the pad onto the machine so it is centered. A floor pad that’s not centered will wear unevenly and will create a safety hazard since the machine is more difficult to control.

When using the floor machine do not bump into objects. If a pad rotating on a floor machine hits furniture or some other object, the pad can tear or snag, causing more than just damage to the floor pad.


Floor Pad Cleaning


Since floor pads are made of different materials, using the correct cleaning method for each type of pad is important.
For Natural fiber floor pads, clean by using the center die cut piece from the pad or a medium bristle brush and brush away any accumulation or buildup from the pad.
For all other floor pads i.e. PT-2000, Black, Green, Red, White and Poly Thermal, use one of the three methods.

  • Soak the pad in a solution of stripper and water until the build-up is softened then rinse with warm water.
  • Wash under high pressure water.
  • Launder in luke warm water
  • Hang the pads in a storage area to dry after cleaning them.