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Marble & Terrazzo Floor Crystallizer

Part# 0695001

  • Leopard Crystallizer, 5 liter
  • Steel wool pads
  • Terrazzo floor

Leopard L-2 is a Marble and Terrazzo floor crystallization liquid used to maintain polished marble and terrazzo floor surfaces. Leopard L-2 chemically transforms the stone surface similar to the methodology done at the factory. The floor is still allowed to "breathe" through microscopic pores of the stone.

  • Leopard L-2 is for use on polished natural stones such as marble, terrazzo, agglomerate and terrazzo.
  • One five liter container will crystallize approximately 4000 square feet.
  • Use with fine steel wool pads to produce a beautiful shine.
  • 5 liter container (1.32 gallon)