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Is Your Marble Floor Looking Dull?


It just might be your Neutral Cleaner.

Most General Purpose and Neutral Floor Cleaners contain an ingredient that makes the water wetter (breaks the surface tension of water). These additives are referred to as Chelates.


According to the dictionary a Chelate is: A chemical compound that acts as water "softening" agents. "Hard" minerals (such as calcium) are attracted to and can neutralize the surfactants in a detergent. Chelates do not remove or exchange hard minerals in water. Rather, chelate molecules surround and cover (sequester) those minerals. With these minerals sequestered, the surfactants in the detergent are free to foam and clean.

Makes sense right? ... Not Exactly?

Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of calcium carbonate, (like aragonite or coral), or carbonate of lime, (limestone or dolomite, a variety of calcite).

Your General Purpose or Neutral Cleaner can actually do more harm to your floor than good; you need a floor cleaner that is specifically Chelate Free.


After years of searching for a suitable product to clean marble, granite, and natural stone floor surfaces, we finally found such a product: Parish Supply Neutral Stone & Marble Cleaner.

BTW - Chelate is pronounced "Kee Late" (in case you're interested).