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How to Remove Mastic Adhesive from Concrete Floors

Mastic Removal Tool






1. Remove the majority of mastic from the concrete floor surface with a Scrape-Away floor tool or the Mastic Removal Tool. This tool will effectively remove the majority of dried mastic and the remaining residue left behind is very simple to remove.









Orange Blossom


2. Apply Orange Blossom undiluted directly to the floor surface and allow to stand for a minimum of 10 minutes.

3. After a period of 10-15 minutes, mechanically agitate / scrub the floor surface with a rotary floor machine and either a Grit scrubbing brush, Wire Brush, or PT-2000 stripping pad. *A general working area is approximately 10' x 20'.

4. Using a neoprene bladed floor squeegee, squeegee the Orange Blossom to another area and re-use. *This method of re-using Orange Blossom for mastic removal is only suggested if you have removed the bulk via Scrape-Away tool or similar, otherwise the emulsified mastic becomes unworkable (too thick). Coverage is approximately 100-125 square foot per gallon.

5. Recover the solution using a wet vacuum with a front mount squeegee (a major labor saving device) and rinse. 

6. After all the mastic and residue has been completely removed from the floor surface you need to neutralize any remaining residue left behind. This is a very fast and simple step.










Manual Mastic Removal Method

Auto-Mated Cleaner Degreaser
  1. Mix in a mop bucket the appropriate amount of water and add Auto-Mated Cleaner / Degreaser. Mix at a ratio of 20:1.
  2. Apply the diluted solution to the floor surface and agitate with a floor machine and a Grit scrubbing brush or a PT-2000 stripping pad.
  3. Immediately follow up with a wet vacuum and front mount squeegee.



Automated Mastic Removal Method

  1. Using an automatic floor scrubber, fill the solution tank with the appropriate amount of water and Auto-Mated Cleaner.
  2. Lower brush deck, apply a liberal amount of solution, apply medium brush pressure. Do not lower squeegee - yet.
  3. Thoroughly scrub floor surface, make another pass with reduced solution flow, lower squeegee assembly and activate vacuum.