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What Makes a Great MicroFiber Cloth?


There are a large number of different companies throughout the world that market microfiber cloths. There are only a few companies that actually manufacture these cloths.

All of them are located in either Korea or China. With a limited number of companies producing, you would think the product would be very similar. This is not the case; in fact most are very different.


Below are several factors to consider when comparing microfiber cloths:


Cloths that are colored can be created in one of two ways. The low cost way is to dye the cloth after it has been constructed. These types of cloths do not clean up as well and bleed during the wash process. The quality way to color microfiber is to impregnate the color into the fiber during the extrusion process. This is more costly but insures the performance of the cloth and longevity of the coloring.

There are many different ways a cloth can be woven and stitched. Construction is important in consideration of the life of a product. Lower priced product will begin to deteriorate after 25 washings. They usually do not last more than 50 washings. Our cloths have higher quality construction. They are estimated to last at least 300 washings. To compare the cost of our cloths to other lower quality products, you must assume you will need to purchase 6 of the lower priced cloths for every 1 Parish cloth. Clearly the Parish cloth is a lower cost.

Microfiber Quality & Content
There are many different ways to create microfiber. Fabric can be split manually or chemically. Fabric can be single split or split twice. All Parish microfiber are split twice, manually and chemically. This is the highest quality construction process currently available for microfiber fabric. This high-quality approach insures greatest pick-up performance.

Weight & Measure

Microfiber cloths are measured in grams and inches. The gram measurement is based on a square meter of material. A square meter of a 250-gram weight material will weight 250 grams. A 16" x 16" 250g will measure 16" in both directions. A 16" x 16" 300 gram cloth will weigh more than a 250 gram cloth because it has more material / square meter.

The old adage, "you get what you pay for" is very appropriate when comparing the quality and price of different microfiber cloths.