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Microfiber Products

MicroFiber cleaning products and cleaning tools. 

A complete selection of MicroFiber cleaning cloths, microfiber wipes, glass wipes, damp mop pads for general floor cleaning, and scrubber mops for grouted floors. 


MicroFiber Pads and Dust Mops are available for wet or dry applications.

Durable materials, in addition to MicroFiber technology, make these pads and microfiber dusters a powerhouse cleaning product for challenging conditions. These are a must have for any toolkit of microfiber cleaning supplies. 


MicroFiber Poles and Frames feature a host of options. 

Wet/dry frames, squeegee, area specific frames can help keep areas clean and sanitary. With the addition of MicroFiber pole extensions and quick-connect handles to your microfiber cleaning supplies set, a difficult clean-up or maintenance task is easier to manage. 


MicroFiber Mopping Kits are designed to make quick clean-up of large areas easier and more effective.

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