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MicroFiber Floor Cleaning Pad, 18"

Part# 0112517

  • MicroFiber Floor Cleaning Pad (5 x 18)
  • Fits this type of applicator
  • Fits this frame

Our microfiber mop pads are effective cleaning tools when used wet or dry. Microfiber damp mop pads are 5" wide and 18" long, designed to be more efficient in picking up and removing more soil than conventional mops. Our microfiber pads are industrial grade and will hold up to the harshest environments. These microfiber pads utilize a combination polyester/nylon extrusion that allows for superior fiber separation and more fiber is available to pick up dirt and dust.

  • This blue damp mop is a good performer on smooth surfaces, with excellent pick up and absorbency.
  • Polyester / polyamide microfiber pad for damp cleaning of smooth surfaces.
  • Excellent dirt pick up for a deep clean.
  • Velcro backing works with industry standard frames.
  • Sold each or by the case of 12