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How to Mop Floors With Microfiber


Wet Mop a Room with Microfiber


Microfiber Mopping1. Set out safety floor sign at entrance to room.

2. Affix Quick Connect Handle to 18” frame.

3. Open and remove lid on disinfecting bucket.

4. Center Quick Connect Frame over the top pad in bucket and slide down to attach pad with hook and loop system.

5. Set or lock lid back onto the bucket.



Mop in a figure eight pattern6. Starting at the far corner of the room, begin wet mopping using "Figure 8" strokes while moving backwards toward the doorway. Remember to clean under beds and furniture.

7. & 8. When finished with room or pad is dry, remove soiled wet pad from frame by placing left foot on end of frame and right foot on opposite end of pad. Pull frame up and pad will peel away from hook and loop backing.

9. Pick up soiled pad by turning frame 90° and touching end of frame on center of pad to lift up.

10. The pad will now fold downward in half, so it can easily be removed from the frame and put into a laundry bag.


Pads should hold enough disinfecting solution to mop a standard size room.


Oversize rooms may require a second pad. If a second pad is needed to complete mopping a room, repeat steps 3 through 5 then steps 7 through 10.


Download Printable How to Mop Floors with Microfiber (pdf)