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Urinal Screen (no splash - Ekcoscreen)

  • No Splash Urinal Screen (purple)
  • The Flexible Design Accommodates Different Urinals
  • No splash
  • Unique Bristle Design
  • No Splash Urinal Screen (green)

This is the most effective urinal screen we've ever sold. It addresses all the complaints of conventional urinal screens and has an effective life cycle of 60 days or more, depending on use.

  • Long lasting - 60 days use
  • No splashback
  • Designed for high volume facilities
  • Protects urinal trap from debris
  • Perfect for waterless urinals
  • The ideal screen for use with waterless & water-free urinals
  • Sold in a (2) pack or by the case of 6 x 2 packs = 12 urinals screens