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Cleaning & Restoration system for your Nora floor

Quick Maintenance Tips

1. Always use "wet floor" signs and/or caution tape when performing any wet cleaning.

2. Refer to SDS for proper personal protection requirements before using cleaning products.

3. Use only Twister pads on selected Nora floor coverings. Do not use Twister pads on norament luxor or round pastille surfaces.

4. When using Twister pads, do not scrub the floor dry. Rubber flooring must be kept "wet" with clean water and a neutral cleaner.

5. The floor will be slippery when wet or contaminated with foreign materials. To maintain the slip resistant properties of the flooring, promptly clean-up spills and any foreign materials.

6. Never use black or brown stripping pads or brushes.

7. Make sure to maintain a good walk-off area in the entrance of the facility, in addition to regular dust mopping.

8. Spots from petroleum-based products such as grease and tar must be removed with spotting agents containing solvents. Immediately rinse with water after spot removing and allow time to dry.

9. Remove chewing gum with a gum removing spotter. If a solvent is used for removing gum, immediately rinse the floor with clean water and allow time to dry.

10. Do not allow any metal furniture or trash cans to be in contact with the wet floor.

*Nora is a registered trademark of Nora flooring systems GmbH, a subsidiary of Interface, Inc. Nora does not endorse Parish Maintenance Supply of its Twister pads for use on Nora flooring. 


Twister to Nora Pad Cross Reference

  • Nora Pad 0 = Twister Super Clean (6000 grit) 
  • Nora Pad 1 = Twister Green (3000 grit)
  • Nora Pad 2 = Twister Yellow (1500 grit)
  • Nora Pad 3 - Twister White (800 grit)