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Odor Control

It is possible to control odors that emanate from food waste, human waste, waste water, dumpsters, smoke, and more. These products areeffective deodorizers, eliminators, and odor counteractants in kitchen areas, around waste receptacles, and dumpsters. These odor counteractants don't just mask odors, they actually work to eliminate them! Our liquid and solid odor counteractants are so versatile you are sure to find just the right one for any deodorizing task.


Studies show that one of the most enduring impressions that a company can give is the quality of its restroom. And what is more memorable than an unpleasant odor? Perhaps a pleasantly fragranced restroom! Show your guests that hygiene is your top priority and that you care about their comfort by using air fresheners and any necessary odor counteractants. Check out our variety of toilet / urinal screens and blocks, as well as, our automatic drip deodorizer. The drip deodorizer is the most hygienic approach to eliminating odors in the restroom as you are not required to remove anything from the bowl of the toilet or urinal; simply swap out the cartridges!

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