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Our Expertise

Parish Supply Expertise Parish Maintenance Supply has been providing cleaning and maintenance products and machinery for more than 65 years. Our Syracuse, NY based, family-owned company is currently managed by second generation owner, Mike Gosson, who proudly continues with the values of quality and value.


Dedication to Cleaning & Janitorial Knowledge

Mike's education in the industry began at the age of 14, alongside his father. He began by listening to Building Service Contractors, Janitors, Heads of Housekeeping, Superintendents of Facilities and many individual home owners discuss cleaning best practices, industry secrets and countless methods of accomplishing cleaning and maintenance projects. By listening to the tasks that their customers undertake and the difficulties they've encountered, Parish has been able to source the best products and machinery to accomplish these jobs. Mike and his father, John, have always tested every new product before it is stocked and often give out samples to customers for their feedback. Only after meeting with full approval do any items get added to our website.


Mike became a full-time employee at the age of 18 and had gained enough knowledge to join in the conversation with customers and found his own talent for evaluating products and machinery in order to make personal recommendations. This talent, hands-on experience and no-nonsense approach have taken Mike through his more than 37 years at Parish and 15 years in the leadership role. His expertise and insights are very uncommon in the industry and customers would be hard-pressed to find a supplier of Parish’s size that still offers personal service.


How-To Advice & Highest Level of Product Information

This uncommon expertise has also made Parish an unrivaled resource, as our large library of tips and advice is available to anyone visiting our website. Visit our How-To Advice section for tips on everything from pH values to how to apply floor finish. Each product page also contains the highest level of information in the industry. We have gone to great lengths to source every piece of information available in order to make your product selection easier. Product pages often contain detailed usage instructions, specifications, instructional videos, user manuals, Material Safety Data Sheets and more, which regularly exceed what the manufacturers themselves have created.


Parish Private Label

Parish has been private labeling products since 1953. By working with manufacturers, we have leveraged our expertise and have custom-developed cleaning products and machinery for maximum efficacy. Many of these products are not available from any other cleaning and maintenance supplier.


Contact Us With Questions

If customers have specific questions about products or projects, our friendly staff and Mike himself are available to help guide selection and make usage suggestions. Contact us today with questions you may have.