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Floor Stripper - Pour N' Peel

Part# 0040601

  • Pour N Peel Floor Stripper (heavy duty)

Heavy Duty Wax & Floor Finish Stripper - Pour N' Peel is the most effective labor saving stripper ever developed. Virtually eliminates the need for floor machines, pads, and rinsing. It will solubilize aged and built-up finishes and waxes almost instantly. The ultimate Cold Water Floor Stripper is designed to remove floor finish and sealers from heavily burnished floors.

  • Liquefies heavily burnished finish and sealers.
  • No harsh ammonia or solvent odors.
  • Powerful stripping action.
  • Extended suspension of emulsified particles eliminates costly re-stripping.
  • Powerful formula cuts through layers of old finish in minutes.
  • Low foaming.
  • Rinse free - No alkaline residue.